That Kid from Mr India” ready to make his mark


Mr. India is one of the iconic movies of Indian cinema.Upon release it was a blockbustor.

The movie had not only build the career of the lead actor Anil kapoor & Sridevi but many more actors ie. Satish kaushik , Aftab shivassani , Annu kapoor , Ahmed khan were there in the movie who sooner or later made a mark in the entertainment industry.

From kids Aftab shivassani & Ahmed khan made an remarkable impression in Bollywood .White Aftab established himself as an accompalished actor in btwon on the other hand Ahmed khan felt his presence in bollywood as a choregrapher and director.

Now an another kid from that bunch of kids has grown and ready to make his mark in this entertainment industry.

Anil kapoor who played the titular role of Mr.India shared a piece of news to welcome this young actor Karannnath.

Here what his tweet reads

Karannnath is going to debut with a movie titled Guns of banaras .The movie is based in city of varanasi.Directed by Shekhar suri ,the movie is going to release on 28th february.