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How Rajiv Bhatia got his screen name and became Akshay Kumar

In the bustling city of Delhi, a young man named Rajiv Bhatia was diligently navigating life, aspiring to make his mark in the world of films. His friend, aware of his dreams, informed him about a film in the making titled “Aaj,” directed by Mahesh Bhatt, which presented an opportunity for him to showcase his martial arts skills.

Rajiv, passionate about karate and eager to explore the world of cinema, seized the chance and approached the film’s producer, Kuldeep Paul. The producer explained that there was a role for a karate instructor that required only a day’s work, a mere 15 seconds on-screen. Undeterred, Rajiv accepted the offer, recognizing the potential value of this brief appearance.

On the set, he encountered Kumar Gaurav, the lead actor of the film. Their brief interaction left Rajiv pleased and content. He filmed a scene where his character imparts karate knowledge to a girl, and after the shoot, he was duly compensated for his work. However, the experience planted a seed in Rajiv’s mind, inspiring him to pursue a more significant role in the world of acting.

As he contemplated his future in the film industry, fate intervened when he learned about a court scene being shot at Bandra Court. Intrigued, Rajiv decided to explore this avenue, and at the court, he submitted an application to change his name. When the clerk inquired about the new name, he chose ‘Akshay,’ inspired by Kumar Gaurav’s character in the film.

This pivotal decision marked the transformation of Rajiv Bhatia into Akshay Kumar. With the new name, he embarked on a journey that would redefine Bollywood stardom. Visiting cards were printed, bearing the name Akshay Kumar, solidifying his commitment to this new identity.

Little did he know that this decision would lay the foundation for an illustrious career, making Akshay Kumar a household name in Indian cinema. From martial arts to acting, Akshay Kumar’s journey is a testament to seizing opportunities and crafting one’s destiny in the ever-evolving world of Bollywood.

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