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Asit Kumar Sen:an Indian actor and comedian who is known for his comic timing

Asit Kumar Sen was an Indian actor and comedian who appeared in numerous Hindi films. He was born on 13 may 1917 in Dhaka, British India (present-day Bangladesh).

Asit Sen started his acting career as a stage actor in the 1940s and made his debut in the film industry with the Bengali film “Sharey Chuattar” in 1953. He gained recognition for his role in the Hindi film “Parakh” in 1960. He played various roles in his career, including comic, serious, and supporting roles.

Some of his notable performances include “Kanhaiya” (1959), “Mamta” (1966), “Safar” (1970), “Anokhi Raat” (1968), and “Mere Apne” (1971). He was known for his impeccable comic timing and his ability to make the audience laugh with his effortless acting skills.

Asit Sen was also a skilled writer and director, and he directed several Bengali films, including “Chalachal” (1956) and “Deep Jwele Jaai” (1959). He won the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Bengali for “Uttar Falguni” (1963), which he directed.

Asit Sen was married to actress, composer, and director, Chitra Sen. He passed away on 17 August 1993 in Mumbai, India, due to a heart attack. His contributions to the Indian film industry are still remembered and appreciated by many.

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