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Lesser known facts about Sadhna,a popular indian actress during 1960’s and 1970’s

Sadhna, also known as Sadhna Shivdasani, was a popular Indian actress who worked predominantly in Hindi cinema during the 1960s and 1970s.

Here are some facts about Sadhna:

  1. Early Life: Sadhna was born on September 2, 1941, in Karachi, British India (now Pakistan). Her family migrated to Mumbai (then Bombay) after the partition of India.
  2. Film Debut: Sadhna made her acting debut in the film “Love in Simla” in 1960, which became a major success. She received critical acclaim for her performance and became a leading actress in the industry.
  3. Iconic Hairstyle: Sadhna’s hairstyle, known as the “Sadhna cut,” became a popular trend during the 1960s. Her straight, fringe haircut with a bouffant at the back became a fashion statement and was emulated by many women at that time.
  4. Successful Films: Sadhna appeared in several successful films during her career, including “Woh Kaun Thi?” (1964), “Mera Saaya” (1966), and “Ek Phool Do Mali” (1969). She was known for her versatile performances and ability to portray different characters with depth and grace.
  5. Collaboration with Rajendra Kumar: Sadhna frequently collaborated with actor Rajendra Kumar and together they delivered several hit films. Their on-screen chemistry was widely appreciated by the audience, and they became a popular pair in the industry.
  6. Health Issues: In the late 1970s, Sadhna was diagnosed with a thyroid problem, which affected her appearance. She underwent treatment and gradually withdrew from the film industry.
  7. Honors and Awards: Sadhna received several awards and nominations throughout her career, including the Filmfare Award for Best Actress for her performances in “Woh Kaun Thi?” and “Mera Saaya.”
  8. Philanthropy: After her retirement from acting, Sadhna dedicated her time to philanthropic activities. She was involved in various charitable initiatives and worked towards the welfare of the underprivileged.
  9. Personal Life: Sadhna was married to film director R.K. Nayyar. They had a successful partnership both professionally and personally until Nayyar’s death in 1995.
  10. Legacy: Sadhna left a lasting impact on Hindi cinema with her memorable performances and iconic style. She is remembered as one of the most influential actresses of her time and continues to be an inspiration for aspiring actors.

These are some notable facts about Sadhna and her contributions to the Indian film industry.

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