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Why Nayanthara could potentially be a plus point for SRK’s Jawan?

Nayanthara, a popular actress known for her talent and appeal, could potentially be a plus point for a film or project involving a military theme like “Jawan.”

  • Star power :Nayanthara ‘s star power might attract a wider audience, increasing the project’s visibility and potential for success.
  • Acting caliber:Additionally, her acting skills is simply majestic which can flow with the script which will definitely contribute to the overall quality of the production.
    Popular face :She is a very much popular face in south film industry specially in Tamil films.
  • Suitable for Action role :Her persona and built is decent for an actress for a role which is required for action oriented roles .
  • Her chemistry with SRK :She is getting noticed for her on screen chemistry with superstar Shahrukh khan (In Chaleya song )by the cine loves which could be a game changer for the movie .
  • Dance :Since Nayanthara is a trained dancer which can lift any songs mood with her dancing skills .She even did some dances in song “Chaleya “Though it is a romantic number ,She did some carefree dance in the song .

Along with Nayanthara, The film also stars ShahRukh Khan ,Vijay Sethupathi,Deepika Padukone in a cameo, Sanya Malhotra, Priyamani, Sunil Grover and many more. It has music by Aniruddh and is directed by Atlee. 

The movie will hit the theatre on 7th August .Catch in the theatre .

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