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What an amazing idea Zohra Sehgal came up with to prevent  her father to get her married early. 

What an amazing idea Zohra Sehgal came up with to prevent  her father to get her married early. Even today, people would hardly want to try that trick. But Zohra Sehgal thought of that idea at that time, tried and also made sure that her idea  become  successful. 

The matter is such that when Zohra Sehgal’s mother passed away, her father decided that he would get his daughters married as soon as possible. He also got Zohra’s elder sister married very soon. But elder sister’s life became hell after marriage. Seeing her sister’s condition, Zohra lost faith in marriage. She decided that she would not marry.

But what to do with father? They had decided that as soon as Zohra passes 10th, she would be married. Zohra was studying in Queen Mary College, Lahore in those days. To avoid marriage, he used a strange trick. She informed her class teacher about her situation and told her that she did not want to get married. His class teacher understood his situation. And it was decided that Zohra would not be allowed to pass 10th. 

Then Zohra Sehgal kept failing in class ten for three consecutive years. That too intentionally. With the connivance of his teacher. Whenever Abbu talked about marriage, Zohra would avoid marriage by requesting that she pass tenth standard.

Eventually Zohra got married with Kameshwar Nath Segal , a young scientist and a dancer . she has two daughter . Out of which Kiran Sehgal is a famous classical dancer .She expertise in odissi dance form.

Today is Zohra Sehgal ji’s birthday. Zohra Sehgal was born on 27 April 1912 in Rampur. You and I have seen Zohra Sehgal in the roles of grandmothers a lot.

Often her characters in films were such that no other actress of her time would even think of playing such characters in her early days . It may be because of his unique personality that filmmakers offer him such roles.

Anyway, let us know some more things related to the life of Zohra Sehgal ji. You will like these stories of his.Some of her memorable roles are Sehgal’s most notable films include Dharti ke lal ,Neecha Nagar, Afsar (1946), Bhaji on the Beach (1992), The Mystic Masseur (2001), Bend It Like Beckham (2002), Dil Se, Chalo ishq ladayen (2003)etc .

She also worked as a choreographer for Hindi films, including Guru Dutt’s Baazi and Raj Kapoor’s Awaara(both 1951).

Zohra ji was fond of dancing since her school days. She used to dance and act a lot in school functions. And his teachers also praised him a lot. Although acting was never his first dream.

Zohra Sehgal was very fond of airplanes in her childhood. She wanted to become a pilot. But Zohra ji’s father clearly refused for this. Because at that time it had not been long since airplanes had arrived. And secondly, he did not want to allow his daughter to do anything that seemed dangerous.

So She kept continuing with her dancing career while being abroad and then adopted acting career after partition of India as she relocated to Bombay from Lahore and gave many memorable roles to indian cinema .

Bollywood Juncture remembers Zohra Sehgal ji on her birthday .

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