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Unknown facts about Arushi Handa: A Rising Star’s Journey from Reality TV to Web Series ,Also check her gorgeous photos

Arushi Handa, an Indian social media influencer, dancer, and model, has carved a niche for herself in the entertainment industry with a journey that spans reality TV, web series, and a strong presence on social media platforms.

Reality TV Breakthrough: “Splitsvilla 11”

Arushi Handa first gained widespread recognition through her participation in the 2018 reality show “Splitsvilla 11” on MTV India. Despite initially pursuing engineering studies, her passion for modeling led her to venture into the world of reality TV, where she showcased her personality and charm.

Diversifying Career: Acting in Web Series

Following her successful stint on “Splitsvilla 11,” Arushi diversified her career by venturing into acting. She made notable appearances in web series such as “Roohaniyat” and “Talab,” showcasing her acting prowess and versatility on the digital platform.

Music Videos and Screen Ventures

Arushi Handa extended her presence in the entertainment industry through various music videos, including “Memories,” “Naqaab,” “Janno Pyaara,” and “Wanted.” Her on-screen ventures, both in music videos and web series, have contributed to her growing popularity among audiences.

OTT Transition: “Pari Hun Mein” and “Game of Truth”

In 2021, Arushi took a significant step into the OTT platform, starring in web series like “Pari Hun Mein” and “Game of Truth.” Her transition to digital platforms further showcased her ability to adapt to different mediums and genres, solidifying her position as a versatile artist.

Social Media Influence: YouTube and Beyond

Beyond her on-screen ventures, Arushi Handa actively cultivates a strong presence on social media. Managing her own YouTube channel, she provides glimpses into her life, offers beauty and lifestyle content, and engages with her audience. Her guest appearances on popular YouTube channels have expanded her reach and influence.

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