Saturday, September 30, 2023

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“Shanaya Kapoor knows how to make the most of her Sundays, and her recent outing amidst nature showcased her effortless weekend style.

Sundays are the perfect opportunity to break free from office formals and party attire, embracing relaxed and comfortable silhouettes and Shanaya Kapoor exemplifies this ethos beautifully.

Over the weekend, the star chose to spend her Sunday surrounded by nature, dressed in an outfit that epitomizes laid-back leisure.

Shanaya opted for a pink string bralette top paired elegantly with white wide-legged linen pants. Complementing her ensemble, she wore a flat-brimmed white hat and matching sandals for that perfect touch of casual chic.

Shanaya’s choice of a natural, makeup-free face and her naturally wavy hair added to the overall easygoing charm of her look.

To complete her nature-inspired appearance, she tucked a flower behind her ear, perfectly matching the delightful surroundings of her serene Sunday outing.”

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