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Priyanka Chopra Rocks the “Jewelled” Y2K Trend Even in Casuals

One either follows trends or doesn’t, but that is unless you are Priyanka Chopra, who sets the trends herself. When the Y2K styles resurfaced on the fashion scene with micro tank tops and bejewelled low-rise jeans, nobody embraced the belly button piercing quite like the global star.

Actually ,Priyanka Chopra recently posted a mirror selfie on Instagram clicked In between travels and shoots, where one doesn’t just see her very casual monochrome self, but also her piercing very clearly.

In reality, it wasn’t one of those things that she ever let go of. Whether in swimsuits, dresses, or even in the comfiest casual tracks, her belly button piercing was the jewel adorned on her outfit that we didn’t think we needed.

Work front

On the work front,Priyanka Chopra was last seen in Love Again .

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