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Kurchi Madathapetti Song :Sreeleela aexecutes ultra -oora dance moves with Mahesh Babu .

The song “Kurchi Madathapetti” from Mahesh Babu’s film “Guntur Kaaram” has gained immense popularity as one of the most discussed mass songs in recent times.

Composed by Thaman, with a DJ track version by an individual from Nellore, the song has quickly captured attention for its massy lyrics and the dynamic dance performance of Mahesh and the heroine, Sreeleela. While the song excels in various aspects, the most remarkable feature is the impressive chemistry between Sreeleela and Mahesh Babu.

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Despite Sreeleela’s recurring appearances in films like “Skanda,” “Aadikeshava,” and “Extra,” where she followed a routine with similar glamorous looks and songs, the “Kurchi Madathapetti” song showcases a refreshing change.

In this song, Sreeleela adopts a ‘Rajahmundra Raga Manjari’ look in a simple saree, revealing a different style. The most notable aspect is the way she executes ultra-oora mass dance moves with Mahesh Babu, injecting the performance with energy and dynamism. This unique and spirited dance sequence sets the song apart from her previous works, highlighting her versatility as a performer.

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